A Friendly Visitor From Across The Oceans

Last Tuesday we had a visit from Dana Trixie Flynn. Dana's Greenwich Village yoga centre - Laughing Lotus - is famous among the major yoga schools in New York City.

Dana (left) with Jagattarini (Artist and Miniaturist,  The Sacred India Gallery )

Dana (left) with Jagattarini (Artist and Miniaturist, The Sacred India Gallery)

Dana was visiting Perth about a month after she took a memorable trip to the sacred land of Vrindavan, India. There, she met my husband who is also from New York and they both had some valuable exchanges. Dana told him she was about to set off for a tour of Australia, and my husband strongly suggested she visit our gallery when in Perth.

It was very nice to take her on a tour and talk about our respective spiritual journeys.

It was very interesting to see how much Dana appreciated the gallery. She particularly enjoyed the Vrindavan section - where magical dioramas depict the sweet stories of Krishna. 

I think we managed to touch somewhere deep within her heart. We wish her all success in her spiritual journey and look forward to meeting her again. Who knows??... perhaps next time in India!