Celebrating Kartik at The Sacred India Gallery

It's Kartik time of the year again.  Kartik is considered a particularly auspicious month in the traditional Indian lunar calendar. The entire month is a very festive time in the sacred land of Vrindavan.

Jagattarini lived in Vrindavan for 13 years and Kartik was her favorite time of year. She recalls how thousands of pilgrims would visit Vrindavan at this time of year. Some even set out on a month-long walk around the entire Vrindavan region. The temples are full of life and festivity.

Here at The Sacred India Gallery, we celebrated this auspicious month with two weeks of evening programs that captured the Kartik atmosphere. Jagattarini read fascinating stories from ancient Indian texts, and lovingly shared her memories of Kartik in Vrindavan.  The evenings also featured recitation of beautiful prayers, and the refreshments were absolutely delicious!