Visitors From The Housing Authority of Western Australia

The other day, an enthusiastic group from the Housing Authority of WA made a visit to the gallery. One of our volunteers -  Saloni Sharma, works at the Housing Authority and had shared several stories with her colleagues about The Sacred India Gallery. This had them all quite excited to make a "trip" to spiritual India, and they decided to spend a Sunday afternoon with us. 

Shree welcomed the group at the gallery as they started their sacred journey. 

As we passed through Mayapur and Jagannath Puri, our visitors were amazed seeing the colorful displays depicting local culture and lifestyle.  

Upon reaching Vrindavan, the magical miniature work of Jagattarini left the group mesmerized as they moved from one diorama to another. 

To conclude the visit, we all enjoyed a delicious vegetarian lunch arranged by Saloni as we sat in the serene environment of the gallery gardens. 

The guests thoroughly enjoyed their trip and promised to visit again with other friends and family members.